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Al Shafar National Contracting LLC (SNC) is a member of Al Shafar Group. The company was established in 1998 and since then SNC has rapidly grown up and became one of the unlimited categorized companies in Dubai.

SNC is currently working on big construction projects valued more than Dhs. 700M., and will continue to increase the execution capacity inside U.A.E. market

SNC constructs and builds all types of building developments, residential, commercial or industrial. The portfolio includes high-rise buildings, residential complexes, factories, shopping malls, palaces, retail development and ancillary activities.

Today, SNC continues the path of success with the same criteria which is based on mutual trust with clients, using all new construction technologies to improve efficiency, provide more rapid execution while ensuring high quality performance and within budget, achieving the moral of all this excess which is BUILDING LIFE FOR THE FUTURE OF U.A.E.


For any further information please visit the website:

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